Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts, Tuesday Edition

Since I missed last week's installment of Random Friday Thoughts, I figure why not have a Tuesday edition? Also, I have a lot going on and as a result, can barely string together two coherent sentences, so Random Friday Thoughts on Tuesday it is. But first, rest assured that I made it through the Sleeping Pill Incident unscathed...I don't think I actually took a double dose. Mr. Chick woke me up every hour all night anyway, to make sure I didn't accidentally die in my sleep. That was a fun time. Now for Random Friday Thoughts:

1 - Violet broke her cell phone again, resulting in our second cell phone insurance claim within 6 months. (Side note: If you have kids with cell phones, get the insurance, it is SO worth it.)Anyway, her phone is dead because she dropped it so many times the charging port came loose and now the battery won't charge. Today I went online to file a claim only to find out that they no longer make her cell phone model. Therefore, they're going to replace it with a "comparable model." The "comparable model" is the phone she's been wanting for months. Just where is the lesson in that, I ask you? I'm making her pay the deductible out of her allowance money, but still...gah.

2 - Speaking of cell phones, Lily has been wanting a cell phone ever since Violet got one when she was ten. Lily is lobbying hard for a phone and I have been resistant because I just feel that eight is too young, and she's not responsible enough yet. Now, in some ways she's more responsible than Violet (see #1 for an example). As another example, Lily saves her money like a champ while Violet spends her cash as soon as it hits her hot little hands. Over the summer, she saved up $200 through a combination of allowance, birthday money and doing odd jobs in order to replace her broken Nintendo DS. I refused to buy her a new one after she thought it was a good idea to play with her old one while in the shower. She saved all summer and not only bought a new one, she bought a better one - a Nintendo DSi. I have no idea why that's better but I know it was double the price of the original. Right now, she's $113 saved up and just as I was typing this, she came and asked if she saved enough, could she please buy a phone. Then she proceeded to show me yearbook pictures of everyone in her class that has a cell phone. Am I being too old fashioned? Eight just seems pretty young to me.

3 - Did you hear that Nasa scientists are saying that the recent Chilean earthquake knocked the earth off it's axis, thus making our days shorter? Granted, it's only a couple of milliseconds but when there already aren't enough hours in the day for me to get things done, every millisecond counts.

4 - I can't wait for summer vacation. This week alone I've had to assist with making an ocean habitat in a shoebox, a book report in the form of a clay sculpture and a painted T-shirt for the P.E. Olympics. I get that parents need to be involved in the education of their children, but I'm tired of homework. I'm also tired of the 8:00 PM "Oh wait Mom, I forgot that I need __________________ for school tomorrow." Like last night, when the _________________ was twenty full size Hershey bars and I had to make a last minute run to the store so Lily's class can learn fractions. How is it that I always seem to end up with homework during the school year?

5 - I am really sick of soccer. The girls have been playing soccer non-stop for over two years now. We go from Fall soccer, to All Star soccer, to 3v3 tournament soccer, to middle school soccer, to Spring soccer, back to 3v3 tournament soccer, back to Fall get the idea. Mr. Chick has decided to coach Lily's Spring soccer team, which starts in a few weeks. That means in a few weeks both girls will be on TWO soccer teams apiece, and Mr. Chick will be coaching. Good times. I am not just a soccer mom, I am the soccer mom. Kill me now.

6 - I've been a bad blog friend. Do you ever have something going on in your life that is so big, it takes up all of your time and mental energy? Yeah, that's me right now. It's nothing bad and will all turn out well in the end (at least that's what I'm telling myself) and I promise I'll be a better blogger/comment leaver soon. I have a post coming up tomorrow where I expound on Nazi skinheads and Walt Disney World. You're riveted, I know.

I hope you have enjoyed this Tuesday installment of Random Friday Thoughts.