Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

You know how your life goes along and pretty much looks the same for a really long time; like for years at a time? You live in the same place, you have the same job, your routine stays the same, and so on.

Well, I quit my job in June and it's been one big ball of emotional upheaval around here ever since. I'm definitely not saying that I think I made the wrong decision, but I never realized how much I identified who I was with what I did for a living. I'm sure there are some people who would roll their eyes at that and think "It's just a job, get over yourself" at that statement. While it may be true that a job is just a job, I happen to really like working and to like being really good at my job.

I actually quit to partner with my mom in her business and I now realize that that little plan had disaster written all over it from the very beginning. I love my mother, I do...but it turns out that I don't like being her co-worker. One of our first official business partner-y things was a week long business trip to the Northeast. I'm telling you, you haven't lived until you've driven a roller skate of a rental car through Man-freaking-hattan with your mother in the passenger seat doing her best backseat driver impression. Follow that up with a road trip through Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire and she almost didn't make it back from that business trip. It makes my eye twitch thinking about it now.

Since that didn't work out, I've been doing a little consulting work and trying to do my best impression of a stay at home mom (which is not a good one). The thing is, I'm a fairly social creature, so I need interaction with other people to stay sane. With Violet and Lily at school all day, I find myself alone for most of the day. As such, I now chatter incessantly at Mr. Chick as soon as he walks in the door from work . He's been mostly good about it, but his eyes do start to glaze over when I regale him with tales of organizing the hall closet or my fun trips to the grocery store.

I recently accepted a new job, which I'll start in October. The pay is great, the perks are great, the company is great. The only (really small) drawback is that I'll be working from home, because the company is located about two hours from where I live. I'm sure most people would think this is a pretty sweet set up, I've just never preferred the home office set up. It's not a dealbreaker by any stretch of the imagination, but I still won't be getting any in person human interaction on a regular basis.

Oh well, at least when I pounce on Mr. Chick when he walks in the door from work, I can talk about how I forgot the cover sheet on my TPS Report that day. That's way more interesting than groceries, right?


  1. I've always worked at home and loved the flexibility it gave me to do the work around other activities, as long as it got done. But I've always had outside friends and activities to do with them. This might be a good time to just join the gym or some other thing that would get you out of the house at least a few times a week and allow you to meet some new people. Congratulations on finding another job. Quite an accomplishment these days.


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