Thursday, February 14, 2013

Business As Usual

Valentine's Day 2013 in the Chick household:

- Mr. Chick:  Got to sleep in this morning while I took Violet and then Lily to school.  Got the shaft on any other holiday festivities because I refused to get him a little something and then get the shaft on even so much as a greeting card for the fifth year in a row.

Violet:  Declared that she was 'too busy' to look at the Valentine's day goodies from her parents and then proclaimed that 'Valentine's Day sucks' when I dropped her off at school and she saw people milling around out front with balloons and teddy bears.

Lily:  Skipped breakfast to dig through her Valentine's day haul and went to school munching on conversation hearts.

- Mother Chick:  Received a nice surprise of some lovely cards (Mr. Chick always gets me a funny card and a mushy card on holidays, it's his thing) and chocolate covered marshmallow hearts from Mr. Chick.  And oops on not getting him anything.  We really can't get it together on this Valentine's day thing, I swear.

Yep, business as usual around here.


  1. Hubby caught me and the kids in the frantic, last minute attempt to sign cards this morning. Yeah!!

  2. you're such a good mommy, getting your kids valentine's day loot!

  3. I got him the card and he got me dinner. I think that's a fair enough trade since I picked up a Christmas gift and he just offered to take me out later.

  4. Mmm, love chocolate covered marshmallows..


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