Monday, February 8, 2010

You Like Me, You Really Like Me...

So, wow. I am pretty terrible at accepting compliments and praise so I will do my best here and hope that I don't come off sounding like a total doucheface. I am beyond humbled that the lovely Lee of Triple H fame thought enough of my little corner of the internet to actually link to me in one of her posts. If you're visiting from Lee, welcome! And to the whole ten of you who were already coming here regularly, thank you thank you thank you to you too.

My mom asked me not too long ago why I blog and tweet to which I replied "I'll have you know that TENS of people follow me on the internet and are interested in what I have to say!" Alas, she was not impressed. Just wait until I tell her though, that now (thanks to Lee), TWENTIES of people are following me on the internet.

I write things here for no other reason than 1) I like to write and 2) I crack myself up on a pretty regular basis. To see that others actually think I'm kind of funny too is mind boggling to me. To actually have people say I'm a pretty good writer just leaves me speechless.

Lee, thank you for thinking enough of me to send your readers my way. I will certainly follow your lead and pay it forward if I'm ever so big a rock star as you, my dear.


  1. My pleasure...and hopefully more will follow!!

  2. That was so cool of Lee! I love finding new, interesting blogs to read. Your blog is great! So glad Lee sent me your way! Congrats!

  3. Hey, we write for the same reason: I too crack myself up. And dammit, the Hubs just doesn't appreciate it.
    I look forward to more posts! And yeah, these bumps we get from bigger bloggers just puts you over the moon, don't they?
    Thank you Lees of the blog world.

  4. Wow look at you! Way to go! I have to say that I blog for very similar reasons, and it wasn't my mom, but my FIL who just didn't seem impressed by it all. What will they say when we are signing our published works???

  5. If Lee likes you then you must be good and I will follow you!!!!

  6. Lucky you to have a Lee to spread the word of your blog :) Maybe we will all have a Lee of our own to do the same one day...haha! Stopping by from SITS (not from Lee, but plan to check her out too). Happy Tuesday and good luck with the blogging!

  7. Lee is great! I am glad to have found your blog. I hope to get to know you. And keep blogging. Even if only a few follow at first it is good to let it (stress) all out somewhere.


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