Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's All Fun and Games Until Mother Chick Rips Your Head Off

Seriously, what is with kids today? Violet called me at work today and was in tears at the after school program. A boy was hitting and pushing her AND calling her a bitch. WTF?

After I popped a vein in my eyeball from the rage, I tore ass out of work and was at school in less than 1o minutes. Luckily, I was wearing my chunky heeled bitch boots, so the counselors could hear me marching up to the school from at least a mile away. It was quite the entrance. I actually felt a little sorry for the counselor when I walked in because she looked pretty scared. Not sorry enough to spare her my wrath though, because there were several problems with today's incident:

1 - Violet called us from her cell phone to report what was going on. In my opinion, a counselor or program director should have called to speak to me. They never did and that's not cool.

2 - Apparently this boy had been pushing and hitting not just Violet but several other kids, several times over the course of several hours. When I asked Violet where the counselors were, she said they were busy playing football. I get that part of their job is to play with the kids, but they are also supposed to supervise them to make sure these kinds of things don't happen, or to stop them quickly when they do.

3 - When I questioned the counselors on what happened, they had no idea that he had actually hit and pushed Violet. Because they didn't realize that he had actual put his hands on my child (because he clearly wants me to remove his eyeballs through his nostrils), they didn't suspend him from the program and send him home. So, they didn't see what happened because they weren't watching, then they didn't research thoroughly enough to get a clear understanding of what actually occurred. As a result, I had to take my kid home to remove her from the situation. What's wrong with that picture?

I definitely have some follow up work to do here, and I will. Part of me wonders if I did the right thing by taking Violet home, because she needs to learn to deal with some of this stuff on her own. I really don't think this was one of those times, though. I wanted her to feel supported and safe and to know that if she is in a situation where she feels threatened, I will do everything in my power to help her. And that it is never okay for someone to treat her like that.

Violet did tell me later that she said to the boy when he hit her "Are your parents proud of you when you act like that?" To which I said, "That was a really good thing to say." while thinking "Next time though, punch him in the mouth."


  1. sounds to me like some of those counselors need to be replaced. That is so not cool what happened to your daughter, and that is so not cool that they weren't paying attention. I would have taken my kids out too.

  2. "my chunky heeled bitch boots"--that had me rolling. Hmmm I'm gona bet this doesn't get by them again, at least not where you're concerned!

  3. You go Mama Bear!! While it is true our kids need to learn how to handle themselves, there are times when we need to step in. especially when the people we are entrusting our CHILDREN with screw up!!! grrrr!

  4. I remember thinking that firebombing a certain kid's house was an appropriate response to his verbally abusing my son. Then sanity returned and I refrained. Vlad soon learned how to stick up for himself, but it still sticks in my craw when kids are cruel to each other. It's definitely a mom thing!

  5. I strongly believe that all little girls should be enrolled in some type of martial arts program. Not only for the eastern philosophy, but so they can beat the crap out of anyone who gives them shit. Seriously.

  6. OMG This makes me angry with you. Did they ever say anything to you? How is your daughter doing? I agree with injaynesworld about some sort of defense class (martial arts,karate,etc.) for your DD.


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