Thursday, January 7, 2010

Real Life Mean Girls

This afternoon, Mr. Chick called me at work to say that he had just talked to Violet and she was really upset because a couple of girls at school started a rumor that she was a lesbian and kids were laughing at her. Commence Mother Chick effectively losing her shit, because this is not the first time that we've had trouble with these bitches girls. A few months ago, they would not stop leaving messages and texting rude things to Violet and calling her cell phone at all hours of the day and night. At that time, I called the ringleader's mother and I thought we resolved the situation. Apparently not.

I'm also irritated that this all happened today at school, the guidance counselor was involved because Violet went to him, and yet I never received a phone call from anyone in charge at school. What's that about? I left a voicemail for the counselor to call me tomorrow because I want to know what was done about what happened today, and what happens if something similar happens again with the same girls.

I will say, I talked to Violet this evening and think I am satisfied with how the counselor handled the situation, but I still want to talk to him directly to make sure we are on the same page and I handle it appropriately at home. I will not tolerate any more bullying and want to make my position clear.

Luckily, Violet seems to have come out the other side of this episode relatively unscathed. We talked about how she did the right thing going to the guidance counselor and some other things she can do if something like this happens again. She is officially a rock star and I am so proud of her.

Mean middle school girls suck. Bitches.


  1. OH I am so sorry to hear your daughter is being given a hard time. Girls can be some of the meanest creatures out there! Glad you think you have it sorted.

  2. Mean girls suck PERIOD. I hate those types.

  3. Stoppin from SITS...I have three boys and once they hit middle school, I said many prayers I didn't have girls at that age. Those middle school girls are awful...I'm glad you were all over it for her.

  4. Kudos on having such a confident, well-adjusted young daughter.

    They have an actual name for this sort of bullying: "Mean Girl Syndrome." It is a rampant national problem with some ugly statistics. This is none too surprising if we examine how grown women can sometimes behave.

    There are nonprofit organizations, like the girl scouts and many others, that lecture in local schools to help resolve such issues. Perhaps they could do so for yours.

    As the famous quote goes: Mean people suck. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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