Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five - Random Thoughts Edition

1 - Earlier this week, a bear cub escaped it's enclosure and was roaming around the streets of a town not too far from me.  I heard about this on the morning news one day this week after the bear made a break for it and the experts from the Fish and Wildlife Commission were advising anyone who sees the bear to NOT run.  Instead, you should clap your hands at the bear and say 'Bear, go home!'  I don't know about you, but if I run across a bear on the street (even if it's a bear cub - I'm sure they still have sharp claws and teeth and are freakishly strong), I'm not sure I would be level headed enough to scold the bear like a school teacher.  But maybe that's just me.

2 - Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were on the Today show this week, promoting the latest in their seemingly never ending plethora of reality shows.  Of course talk turned to babies and kids, since Kim is currently preggers (let's just overlook the fact that she's knocked up by someone OTHER than the person she's currently married to, shall we?) and Kourtney has two kids already.  I had to turn the TV off and walk away when it somehow morphed in to a discussion of how Kourtney thinks they should breastfeed each other's kids because that's how they did it in the old days, or something equally ridiculous.  Seriously, WHY do people give them any publicity whatsoever?  I really don't get it...people who are famous for nothing other than being famous baffle me.  I get that they are trying to extend their time in the spotlight as long as humanly possible, but when you say stupid stuff in the media like they constantly do, why do people keep listening to them?  Perhaps if we stop paying attention, they'll go away, is what I'm saying.

3 - It's cold outside today.  After temperatures in the 80s for the last two weeks, it was in the 40s this morning, which is cold where I live.  Violet came out of her bedroom this morning with long pants on, but short sleeves and no jacket.  I refused to take her to school until she put on a sweatshirt, which resulted in much sighing and eye rolling and declarations of 'Oh my god, Mom!'  Later, Lily came out of her bedroom wearing long sleeves and a jacket, with shorts.  I refused to take her to school until she put pants on.  This also resulted in much sighing and eye rolling and declarations of 'Oh my god, Mom!'  I'm starting to wonder if there is ever going to be a day that I don't do something as their mother that is seen as an affront to their very existence.  Probably not, but I think I'm okay with that.  Somebody has to be in charge around here.

4 - Speaking of annoying teenage behavior, I found my diary from my freshman year of high school not too long ago.  It's as angsty as you might expect and I'm almost embarrassed for the dumb girl that wrote those things in the light blue book with "CONFIDENTIAL" stamped across the front.  Apparently, I 'really really loved' my 9th grade crush.  Like, really.  But, really?  Not so much.

5 - And speaking of teen angst, I caught a re-run of My So-Called Life a few weeks ago.  I thought that show was the BOMB back in the day, because I was the exact same age as Angela Chase and I also thought Jordan Catalano was the Hottest. Thing. Ever.  Unfortunately, Angela was the only one of us skipping class to meet up with him in the boiler room, or where ever it was that they met up to make out, but never talk to each other.  (Incidentally, looking at him now I just think that he looked kind of dirty and could also have used a haircut.) Anyway, the episode I saw recently was the one where Angela's mom was throwing an anniversary party for her parents, when all Angela really wanted to do was go to a party that her best friend Rayanne was throwing (which of course would involve drinking and drugs).  After viewing this episode, I found myself identifying with Angela's mom and her desire to just want Angela to spend time with the family and not make it seem like she's ruining Angela's life in the process, and her fear that bad things could and would happen to Angela and there wasn't anything she could do about it.  Seriously, identifying with the parents on a show that *I* watched as a teenager?  Surreal.


  1. Yeah, when I read my high school diary I want to cringe. It's bad.

    Those Kardashians drive me insane. I wish they'd go away.

  2. LOL, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with an embarrassing diary from high school.

  3. Loooved My So Called Life! My mom wouldn't let me watch so I had to try to catch episodes when she wasn't around. And Jordan Catalona? Oh Mah Gah. To die for. I caught an episode a few months back and was so excited to watch it. Five minutes in I was like, "what the hell did I ever see in the show?"

  4. Haha, I caught episodes of that a while back and thought the same thing. I also feel that way about Dawson's Creek (and yet I own the whole series). Sheesh!

  5. Hilarious! I am dreading those teenage years with my daughter! I already get the eye rolls and "oh my god mom's" and she is only 3!!! great post!


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