Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wherein I'm Left Holding the Bag

So far this school year, I've bought exactly three lunch bags for Violet.  After she lost the brand new one that we bought for this year in just the second week of school, I insisted that she use lunch bags from previous school years in lieu of buying a replacement.  When she lost both of the extra lunch totes we had on hand within the next few weeks, I had no choice but to buy her a new one.  Then she lost that one, so I bought yet another replacement.  That time, she actually tried to convince me that someone stole her lunch bag with her lunch in it.  I'm still skeptical on that one. I mean, who wants someone's ratty old lunchbox and turkey sandwich?

As I've mentioned in a previous post, both of my girls are forever forgetting this, that and the other thing for school, sports, etc. and personal responsibility and taking responsibility for such is a huge topic of conversation around our house on an almost daily basis.  I especially dislike when said forgetfulness costs me money, a la having to buy multiple lunch bags in a year or replace $60 custom embroidered school sweatshirts that one has only had in ones possession for less than a month, a sweatshirt that was an early Christmas present that was lost before Santa even squeezed his way down our imaginary chimney (don't even get me started on the sweatshirt incident, - clearly I'm still not over it).  So let's re-cap:  We started the year with two spare lunch bags and I've bought three lunch bags so far, and we only have one bag currently in our possession (well, two bags if you also count Lily's which she's had all year), and zero spares (we're also two weeks in to the replacement sweatshirt, let's hope this one lasts a bit longer than the last.  Did I mention it was custom embroidered?).

So this morning, I noticed that Violet had packed her lunch for school in a lunch bag that was not actually a lunch bag at all.  And it certainly was not the lunch bag that I had bought to replace all the other lunch bags that she had lost already.  When I asked Violet where her lunch bag was, she insisted that she had definitely brought it home but couldn't locate it at the moment.  Having tired months ago of the rigamarole with all the lost lunch bags, I immediately went off on a tangent, lecturing her yet again about personal responsibility and money not growing on trees and how it looked like she would be taking her lunch to school in a plastic grocery bag every day because I would not be purchasing any more lunch bags this school year.  When she tried to argue that she was positive that she brought it home, I haughtily informed her that she had zero legs to stand on in this argument so any point she was trying to make was falling on deaf ears.  As I dropped her off at school, I reminded her to keep searching for the lunch bag once she got home or it was grocery bag lunch sack city for her for the rest of the year.

At home a little while later, Lily asked if I could help pack her lunch because she was running behind schedule.  After bestowing a mini lecture on her about getting ready on time for school, I agreed to pack her lunch and asked her to bring me her lunch bag.  She went to retrieve it from her book bag and as I spread peanut butter on a slice of bread, she walked out her room carrying her lunch bag...and Violet's too.  She handed both bags to me and said 'I just remembered that I used Violet's yesterday because I didn't feel like getting mine out of my book bag.'

But seriously, who loses a $60 sweatshirt?  (See, still not over it.)


  1. ARGH! Mine lose shoes. In the house, but still lost. Every.d**! They even have a basket they can each put their shoes in in their bedroom, but they still lose them. So aggravating!!

  2. I'm feeling you. One rather typical school morning Thing1 was asking where his clothes were. Laundry room empty....closet empty...dresser empty.... Turns out every single piece of clothing he owns minus what he wore home from school the day before was at his mothers house. He is there TWO days a week. TWO! How every single article of clothing ended up there still baffles me. He had to wear the same clothes two days in a row. The horror! Still hasn't done much to improve that whole personal responsibility thing. :/

  3. Haha, we seem to have that problem with gloves. I typically stock pile at clearance time and hoard them all year.

  4. such a funny post. love the part about violet having to plastic-bag it for the rest of the year if she didn't find the lunch bag!


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