Monday, November 4, 2013

Relatively Speaking

When the going gets tough, I tend to draw inward.  I isolate myself from friends and family, sit at home and do nothing and even avoid the phone when it rings, letting voicemail pick up.  That's one of the reasons that I had not posted here in so long.  2013 has not really been a banner year in the Chick household and when 2014 rolls around, I will be more than happy to wish this year good riddance.

I am not trying to wish time away, but it's really been one thing after another around here.  Right after we listed our old house for sale last Spring, I had a health issue that was both emotionally and physically draining.  I was still recovering from it and dealing with residual issues when we ended up homeless for the two weeks before we could close on our new house.  The closing agent called me at 9:00 on a Monday morning to state that we had until midnight to vacate our house.  Let me tell you, you haven't really lived until you've coordinated moving an entire house in 15 hours, especially when you have no place to actually move to with everything you own in the world.

And now we are dealing with Mr. Chick's health issues with no end in sight.  He had back surgery a week ago today and his recovery is not really going as planned.  As in, I don't think the surgery worked at all - if anything, he is worse than before surgery.  This has happened to us before with this same surgery, and it's like de ja vu all over again.  We head back to the doctor on Wednesday and I am really hoping the news is better than I'm anticipating.

Even still, there are things to be thankful for and I'm trying to remember that:

- We have good health insurance so all of the doctor bills for both me and Mr. Chick are only costing an arm, instead of an arm and a leg.
- That good health insurance covers mental health counseling, which has been a blessing I could not have imagined.
- Mr. Chick has a lot of sick and vacation leave built up so for now, that's not a problem.
- My schedule is flexible which makes it easier to pick up the slack on things that Mr. Chick usually handles.

While I generally hate that saying 'It could always be worse' - it really is true.  But there's another saying that also rings true to me and that's 'It's all relative.'  And right now, things seem relatively bad.


  1. Hang in there! There's always light at the end of the tunnel, you just got to walk through it to get there.

  2. can i jump on this bandwagon? 2013 has been the most catastrophic year of my life. i miscarried twice and have now found myself in the curious position of being pregnant for a third consecutive (literally back-to-back) time. every day i feel like i am on the precipice of another loss and traumatized by the fact that i cannot enjoy my current pregnancy because of the previous losses. trying to cope, but won't deny it has been hard as hell. here's to 2014 bringing us much health and happiness.


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