Friday, November 1, 2013

Life, Interrupted

I haven't posted in a long time because seriously, life was ridiculous there for a minute.  Really, the level of ridiculous in my life seems to hover somewhere around 'Tolerable as long as you don't like to sleep or bathe' but for a while there, it ramped up to 'You are not getting through this with your sanity intact, nope, no way.'

Among other things, we sold our house and moved, again. But, due to an incompetent mortgage broker and real estate agent, we found ourselves homeless for two weeks after we closed on our old house and couldn't yet close on our new one.  Notice that I mentioned that this was something that happened AMONG OTHER THINGS.  As if that one thing where I ended up homeless with all my worldly possessions stored in my brother-in-law's garage with no clue when I would be resolving my homeless situation wasn't enough by itself to put me in the loony bin.

This week, I'm on nursing duty as Mr. Chick recovers from his third back surgery.  I think I've had about 6 hours of total sleep since Monday, while I play nurse (which I'm not very good at, I get annoyed easily, especially on no sleep) and also single-handedly shuttle Violet and Lily to their various schools, sports practices and soccer games.  Of course, all of those things occur at different places and at different times, and sometimes at different places at the same time, leaving me feeling stretched too thin.  Lest I sound like a whiny shrew, I am entirely aware of how fortunate I am that 1) I work from home and 2) I am self employed, so I have flexibility to make all of those things happen without actually ending up in a mental hospital.

Also, I did just take a vacation for the first time in a year and a half and also, I started Christmas shopping yesterday, so there's that.  Life would still be easier though if I could find a way to clone myself.


  1. Welcome back! You don't sound like a whiny shrew. You sound like you needed a good vent.

  2. what a treat! i looked at my feed and my heart leapt this morning to see this. so good to see you. big virtual hug.


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